NARI joins AAMRI to argue for greater investment into medical research

NARI is urging all parties and candidates in the Federal Election to show their commitment for Australia’s future health and wellbeing.


Through its membership of the Australian Association of Medical Research Institutes, NARI is calling for a commitment to three priorities. These are:


·       To stick to the 2018–19 Budget commitments and deliver a fully funded $20 billion Medical Research Future Fund by 2020–21 so we can turn Australia’s medical research discoveries into improved health outcomes more quickly and efficiently.

·       Provide continued strong support for new discoveries through the National Health and Medical Research Council.

·       Attract and retain our best medical researchers by developing sustainable and rewarding career pathways.

NARI Director Associate Professor Briony Dow said it was crucial to fund initiatives that seek to embed medical research within health services and deliver better health results for patients.

“We also need to support early career researchers and this should be done increasing funding to attract and retain our best medical researchers by developing sustainable and rewarding careers pathways,” she added.

The election platform states that Australia could have the world’s best health system in the next ten years, where all Australians have affordable access to the latest cutting-edge and transformative treatments.

According to the platform, achieving such a vision requires a new approach, and we need to examine all parts of the health system to see how we can improve. This requires a research-led revolution of our health system. Delivering this requires sustained investment in our medical research sector and a commitment to bring research and healthcare delivery closer together.

An animation promoting the election platform can be found here: