NARI elder abuse research to be presented

NARI researcher Freda Vrantsidis has presented the research findings from two elder abuse studies conducted by NARI at the 4th National Conference on Elder Abuse in Melbourne.

Hosted by Seniors’ Rights Victoria, the conference showcased new knowledge to use in practice, raise awareness more broadly of elder abuse, influence system change, and strengthen our connections across sectors and states”

Finding from the first study (see above), an analysis of Seniors Rights Victoria data over a two year period (755 clients; 455 involving abuse), were presented to set the scene: client and perpetrator demographic data, risk factors, type of abuse, and SRV referrals and responses. Seniors Rights Victoria provides a helpline, advocacy and legal services to people experiencing elder abuse.

The second study, involved 24 interviews with 28 ex-clients (ten from a non-English speaking background; four couples) of Seniors Rights Victoria. The aim of this project was to help governments, service providers and Seniors Rights Victoria (SRV) better understand the older person’s experience of the abuse and the intervention; whether they saw the intervention as successful, what helped or hindered success, what they would have liked to have been done differently.

“Although data analysis is still happening, some preliminary findings show that most abuse involved financial and verbal/emotional abuse; adult children (particularly sons) were often the perpetrators; older people reported feelings of fear, desperation, anger, shame, ambivalence; and the relief, encouragement and confidence they felt having support,” said Ms Vrantsidis.

“Disappointments reveal the inability to recover money or obtain help for the perpetrator, no longer having contact with the perpetrator and on-going concern for their welfare.” 

The final report will be completed by the end of April; full finding will be presented at the International Federation on Ageing 13th Global Conference, Brisbane, 21-23 June 2016.

The International Federation on Ageing, of which NARI is a partner, is holding its 13th bi-annual conference in June and one of their main topics is elder abuse, as well as age friendly cities and natural disasters.