MACH Partnership Welcomes National Ageing Research Institute

NARI has become a partner of Melbourne Academic Centre for Health (MACH), joining the leading group of hospitals and medical research institutes that make up the joint venture, which includes the University of Melbourne.​

NARI is the MACH’s first new partner since it received NHMRC accreditation in 2015. Its addition reflects the importance of ageing both within the MACH network and as a growing national priority.

“This is a timely inclusion given the new Medical Research Future Fund strategy includes a mission on ageing and aged care and we have a royal commission into aged care. Translation of research evidence into ageing and aged care policy and practice has never been more urgent,” NARI Director Associate Professor Briony Dow said.

“NARI is the only iMRI devoted to conducting applied research that aims to improve the health and wellbeing of older Australians and as such will be a valuable inclusion to the MACH membership,” Associate Professor Dow said.

“NARI will boost existing MACH expertise in ageing and aged care. In particular, it will greatly aid MACH’s ability to undertake implementation and translational science, ultimately enhancing both care of the older patient as well as healthy ageing in the community,” said Prof Dave Story, interim Executive Director of the MACH.