INFALLIBLE – Innovations to prevent falls through mobility

Two Victorian hospitals will participate in a project to see if it is possible to promote mobility and physical activity among older people who are admitted to hospital.

The Melbourne Ageing Research Collaboration project is working with Normanby House, St George’s campus of St Vincent’s Hospital, and Ground Floor Geriatric Management Unit, Williamstown Hospital as part of Western Health.

The aim is, according to MARC researcher Sue Williams, to see if falls can be reduced.

“Hospitalisation can lead to a decline in older people, increasing the risk of falls after discharge, leading to injuries, readmissions to hospital and poor health outcomes,” Sue Williams said.

“Moving more and exercise programs can be effective in preventing some of these problems. We want to promote mobility and physical activity during and after a hospital stay to see if falls can be reduced.”

Each hospital provides care primarily for older people. Staff at both are working with MARC in developing the research methods and deciding on the intervention to undertake at their hospital.