Fundraising: Opera in Melba’s Garden at Coombe

Opera in Melba’s Garden at Coombe

Wednesday 8 March

We are thrilled to continue our tradition of Opera in Melba’s Garden event on International Women’s Day. The event, a sell-out last year, recognises the importance of Dame Nellie’s contribution to public life and NARI’s contribution to keeping all women healthy and active into older age.

The focus of the lunch is to talk about NARI’s work, including how to promote health and independence in older age, especially for women.

Women generally live longer than men but they also experience problems associated with ageing more than men, not only because of their increased longevity.

Women also tend to be poorer than men (mainly due to not having the same opportunities for work and superannuation savings); they are more likely to develop dementia; they are more likely to experience elder abuse; and more likely to fall.

They are also more likely to be carers for a disabled or frail family member at some stage throughout life but at older age, men certainly do their share of caring, especially for their wives or partners.

Dr Frances Batchelor, Director Health Promotion, said that NARI was addressing these issues through research, including the trial of a program to support carers of people living with dementia; an action plan for elder abuse; and important work on falls prevention across the continuum of care, seeking to understand why falls occur in different settings so we can implement appropriate practice change.

“Of course we are also interested in improving health for older men as well as women but it is important to acknowledge that men and women age differently and that we must tailor our research and interventions with that in mind,” Dr Batchelor said.

Tickets for the lunch cost $150 a person and include a three-course lunch, operatic performances courtesy of Opera Australia, and a garden tour.