Media coverage

NARI's researchers and Ambassadors are frequently cited in the media or are asked to prepare comment pieces.

To talk to a researcher or seek a comment piece, please contact:

Rebecca Matthews

Media and Communications Manager

T: +61 3 8387 2314




Desire for intimacy does not fade with age, so why are old people's needs and priorities regularly left out of national research?


Dr Patricia Edgar argues that the time has come for multi-generational living.


Identical twins Kathleen Byrne and Barbara Setterfield are prized scientific test subjects. That is because, by sharing 100 per cent of their genes, the sisters provide unique living clues to answering a hotly-debated question.


Dr Briony Dow shares her concerns about the way numbers are used in political and public debate to characterise older people as a burden on society.


NARI is part of an Australian-first initiative that will develop national guidelines for spiritual care in residential and community aged care and provide a range of tools to support their implementation.