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NARI's researchers and Ambassadors are frequently cited in the media or are asked to prepare comment pieces.

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International research shows that people 65 years and over are becoming the fastest growing population suffering from epilepsy. A survey for older people to fill in are provided on the link. Information about the project is available here:


Up to 6 per cent of elderly Victorians are being abused, most often by a son or daughter, and often motivated by a sense of entitlement to the victim's money.


The latest analysis of Seniors Rights Victoria data, compiled by the National Ageing Research Institute, showed that financial abuse and psychological abuse were the most common forms of abuse reported by older Victorians (81.8 per cent).


The film Clouds of Sils Maria is a masterful challenge to the ageing generation who have to confront the new ideas and unthinking arrogance of youth as they fear and despair of losing relevance and vitality.


Body health and brain health both need one vital thing – physical exercise. National guidelines recommend older people need 150 minutes of physical activity each week to enjoy the physical health benefits.