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NARI's researchers and Ambassadors are frequently cited in the media or are asked to prepare comment pieces.

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The government's decision to pump an extra $200 million into dementia research recognises the potential of Australian researchers to build on previous research, and there are several opportunities for Australians to contribute to studies, writes Dr David Ames.


I was asked recently "Does ageing suck?" The very question is an example of the way discrimination works. Life does suck at times but, as a general description of the condition of old age, it's a cliche rather than reality.


Pioneering research into sexual assault of older women by NARI's Dr Jean Tinney and La Trobe University.


Older adults are the fastest-growing demographic on online dating websites, with those aged 50-plus making up 22% of members on Australia’s leading internet dating site. In this episode of The Conversation TV, NARI researcher Sue Malta explains why older adults are increasingly going online to find love, sex and intimacy.


It's no news that Australia is undergoing structural ageing – as is the rest of the developed world. Today 14% of Australia’s population is 65 and over. By 2061 this proportion is expected to rise to 22%.