Media coverage

NARI's researchers and Ambassadors are frequently cited in the media or are asked to prepare comment pieces.

To talk to a researcher or seek a comment piece, contact:

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NARI and University of Melbourne researchers work to develop a virtual world for older people, where they can interact as digital avatars of themselves.


The National Ageing Research Institute's federally-funded Moving Pictures project will not only provide information about dementia, but also stress the importance of early diagnosis.


Dementia is a rising issue, with more than 460,000 Australians affected and the number forecast to exceed one million by mid-century. But for families from ­diverse backgrounds there’s an added complication.


Victoria takes a stand in the fight against elder abuse.


Dr Frances Batchelor, Director of Clinical Gerontology at NARI, talks about how to care for an elderly patient when they return home.