START project

Strategies for Relatives (START) - On-Line Project

START is an 8-week program of education, relaxation training and counselling for carers of people living with dementia. Developed in the UK, the program was shown to be effective in reducing the rates of depression and anxiety in carers. This project will adapt the existing program for the Australian context and be the first to test this approach via video-conferencing technology, enabling access to carers living in remote areas.

Status Update:

In April 2018, the Therapists have completed their extensive training, the project has been adapted for the Australian healthcare context, 13 participants have completed the program, with recruitment expanding across Australia. 

Status update:  Status update April 2018

Are you Caring for Someone with Dementia?

We are looking for research participants to take part in START. The aim is to determine whether is helpful for carers of a person with dementia to better understand and respond to the behaviours of the person they care for.

To participate in the study, you need to: be 18 years of age or over, be caring for and living with someone with dementia and live in Australia.

This program involves eight weekly face-to-face (via videoconferencing) sessions of education, relaxation and counselling.

To find out more about this project, please contact Dr Anita Panayiotou at NARI on (03) 8387 2662 or at