Innovations to prevent falls through mobility

Innovations to prevent falls through mobility:

Hospitalisation can lead to functional decline for older people and can increase the risk of falls after discharge, leading to injuries, readmissions and poor health outcomes. If risk factors for falls and functional decline are addressed during the stay in hospital, it is possible that this could decrease falls in the period after discharge. Immobility is predictive of both functional decline and falls. Immobility can result in reduced muscle mass and decreased muscle strength. Insufficient physical activity during hospitalization can lead to multiple functional and decline related problems such as falls, frailty, and complex hospital to home transitions.


Mobility and functional exercise programs have been shown to be effective in preventing immobility. Practices related to preventing falls and promoting functional mobility/physical activity should be encouraged to address immobility during an inpatient stay and improve outcomes following discharge. This study aims to determine the feasibility and impacts of implementing an intervention to promote mobility for older inpatients during and after their hospital stay.

Status update:

Local study sites have been confirmed at two sites, and protocol developlment continues based on discussions held at local sites.

Project update