Healthy Ageing Workforce

Keeping Wisdom at Work: Creating Conditions for a Thriving Ageing Workforce

A significant number of the Australian health and aged care workforce are older workers (over 45 years of age). Many benefits are associated with a mature age health workforce, including benefits to individual health, social and financial capacities, knowledge and skills transfer for employers, and broader societal benefits. Accordingly, older workers should be recognised for their experience and skills, and age discrimination in the workplace addressed. This is important because much of the previous reports and inquiries have focused on the negatives associated with older workers in this field. Focusing at the employee and employer levels, the aim of this project is to investigate the benefits and challenges individual workers (aged 45+ years) face when working in the health care industry?

Status Update:

In November 2018, ethics has been approved for analyses of People Matter Survey data with analysis is progressing, literature reviews of Intergenerational Nursing Workforce and Discriminations in the Nursing Workforce in progress, reported back on first two literature reviews and related results from PM Survey to project team, and next project team meeting is in December 2018

Final Project Summary