Preventing Avoidable Hospital Admissions for People with Dementia (PAHA)

Evidence from the literature and anecdotal sources has identified that people living with dementia are hospitalised at twice the rate of people the same age who do not have dementia. The hospital environment can be very distressing for people with dementia and their carers. It can also lead to adverse outcomes and complications. Although some hospital admissions are clinically necessary, others could potentially be avoided if support was available to people with dementia and their carers to make decisions about healthcare.

This project aims to identify the primary reasons that people with dementia present to hospital emergency departments and draw on the experiences and needs of carers and clinical staff to develop resources for carers. The resources would provide carers with support in making decisions about health care needs, reducing the reliance on hospital emergency departments.

Status Update:

As of August 2018, MARC has completed data collection at all sites with a systematic review in preperation. Poster presented at International Dementia Conference 2018. Abstract accepted at Australian Association of Gerontology Conference 2018 Conference. And has been invited to present at 2018 Austin CDAMS Conference.

 Final PAHA Project Report