6th Annual MARC Symposium: From Cells to Society- The most recent trends in Research in Ageing

From Cells to Society- The most recent trends in Research in Ageing

The 2020 edition of MARC’s Annual Symposium titled: “From Cells to Society” was held in Webinar format over two days: Wednesday the 15th of July, and Friday the 17th of July.

Attendees were treated to recent and innovative research trends from world-leading Australian experts across the broad spectrum of Ageing including:  Cellular Senescence- Professor Andrea Maier (VU University Amsterdam, University of Melbourne, Royal Melbourne Hospital),  Design-led innovation and use of creative arts in ageing research– Professor Evonne Miller (Queensland University of Technology), Risk domains in cognitive decline and dementia-Professor Kaarin Anstey (UNSW, Neuroscience Research Australia) and life course on social determinants of health Professor Julie Byles (University of Newcastle). The presentations uniquely summarised the innovative methods and thinking that are shaping ageing research, demonstrating the diversity and complexity of the broad Ageing spectrum.


Wednesday the 15th of July

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Professor Andrea Maier- presentation slides

Professor Evonne Miller- presentation slides

Friday the 17th of July

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Professor Kaarin Anstey- presentation slides

Professor Julie Byles-presentation slides