2nd MARC Falls Forum

2nd MARC Falls Forum - Falls at the Interface

Date: 21 February 2018, 1.30pm - 4.30pm

Venue: Austin Hospital, 145 Studley Rd, Heidelberg VIC 3084

The 2nd MARC Falls Forum was held on the 21st of February 2018. The Forum brought together 40 MARC members from all MARC partners to hear about some recent research in the area of falls prevention and to brainstorm ideas for future projects. The event was hosted by the Austin Hospital and provided an opportunity for members to talk about issues and opportunities for change to help reduce falls rates in older people.

Rebecca Morris from Monash University presented recent project findings on the opportunities and challenges faced when trying to prevent falls among community-dwelling older people. Sue Williams, a MARC researcher presented the findings from the initial MARC falls project looking at a new approach for falls prevention in hospital settings.

Shehan Fernando and Cameron Hare from Transform Physio provided insight into the challenges of falls prevention in residential aged care settings. Frances Batchelor, from NARI presented research from a collaboration between Austin Health and NARI investigating falls after discharge from hospital and highlighted opportunities for improvement in the pre-discharge period to reduce falls.

The attendees, through lots of chatter, enthusiasm and great insight into challenges for falls prevention in various settings, generated project ideas for future work. These ideas will be presented to MARC partners and one project will be the focus of MARC in the falls prevention theme. Stay tuned.