PhD Scholarship Program

MARC PhD Scholarship Program

MARC has provision to financially support two PhD stipends for two years. These two-year stipends are available to students who are beginning their degree, or to those who have already completed one year.

In addition to these two PhD stipends, there is capacity to support further PhD student projects however, these will be non-remunerated and funding to underwrite student stipends will have to be sourced externally.

Applicants for the MARC PhD Scholarship Program need to be affiliated with one of the following MARC partner organisations: Austin Health, Deakin University, Dementia Australia, Mercy Health, National Ageing Research Institute, North Western Melbourne Primary Health Network, Northern Health, The Royal Melbourne Hospital, St Vincent's Health, The University of Melbourne, or Western Health.

1st round applications need to be submitted by the 30th ofJune 2019

Please submit the application form and all required documentation to

Any queries please contact Dr Bianca Brijnath or Debra O'Connor


Terms and Conditions

Application Form