Anxiety disorders in late life - Why are we not more worried? 

Presenter: Dr Terence Chong, AUPOA

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About the presentation

Late-life anxiety disorders are highly prevalent and cause significant distress and disability to individuals and their families.  Despite, this they receive very little research attention when compared to other conditions such as late life depression.  There is emerging evidence that anxiety may be a risk factor for dementia.  Anxiety has become even more prominent issue in light of the COVID-19 pandemic with older adults experiencing anxiety in the context of isolation due to social distancing and their heightened risk, as well as the "digital divide".  This seminar will discuss why late life anxiety is important, some hypotheses as to why it receives less research attention, and suggests some important future research directions.

About the presenter

Dr Terence Chong is Senior Research Fellow in Old Age Psychiatry – a joint appointment of The University of Melbourne Department of Psychiatry and St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne.  He is also a PhD candidate with the Academic Unit for Psychiatry of Old Age.  His research interests include dementia risk reduction, anxiety and depression in late life, residential aged care facilities and the use of technology to facilitate interventions.  He holds appointments as Consultant Psychiatrist in the St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne, Epworth Healthcare and Medical and Mind Weight Loss.  His clinical work is in aged mental health community, inpatient and residential settings.

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Watch the webinar recording

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