Increasing trainee skills in psychological interventions for older adults.

Presenter: Dr Kerryn Pike, La Trobe University

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About the presentation

Few psychologists specialise in interventions for older adults, with lack of experience during professional training suggested as one possible reason. I will report on work done through La Trobe University Psychology Clinic to evaluate a model for changing attitudes and competencies in working with older clients. We provided an innovative placement experience for 69 trainee psychologists through our University clinic. The focus was on developing skills with older clients through training in a memory group program (LaTCH). The placement experience increased trainees’ knowledge and competencies in working with older adults and provided an effective service to 241 older adults from the community. This provides a model for capacity building of psychological services for older people in the community. 

About the presenter

Dr Kerryn Pike is a Senior Research Fellow and Clinical Neuropsychologist at La Trobe University, Melbourne, where she holds a prestigious Tracey Banivanua Mar Fellowship. Dr Pike’s expertise is in ageing and dementia, and she has worked in this area for more than 15 years. She is particularly interested in interventions (especially cognitive) to minimise risk of developing dementia as well as improve quality of life and daily functioning in all populations, and how we translate research findings regarding risk reduction and cognitive interventions into clinical practice.  In terms of research track record, Dr Pike has 51 papers in high quality journals within Psychology and Neuroscience, with high citation rates (> 5500), and a book chapter on Alzheimer’s Disease: Prodromal Stage and Dementia. She has attracted over $5.9 million in research funding to date.

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