The Built Environment Matters to the Aged Care Workforce

Presenter: A/Professor Lucio Naccarella, The University of Melbourne

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About the presentation

The COVID–19 pandemic is highlighting the growing and increasingly stressful aged care workplace environments. Evidence exists that the built environment can impact upon both aged care residents and employees overall health and wellbeing. This webinar reflects, challenges and inspires us to consider how the built environment can better support the current and the next generation of aged care workforce. The webinar refers to an existing Environmental Comfort Model and the presenters aged care workspace design research and evaluation experiences. 

About the presenter

Lucio Naccarella is an Associate Professor in the Centre for Health Policy at the University of Melbourne. He is leading health systems researcher, teacher and evaluator, with interests in systems change, health system literacy, aged care workforce design, multidisciplinary primary health care teamwork, and health workforce reforms, from a policy, research and practice perspective.  

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Watch the webinar recording

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