Creative Wellbeing

Presenter: Dr Juan Sanin, Industrial Design, RMIT University

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About the presentation

In this talk, Juan Sanin (RMIT University) will share experiences of the Creative Wellbeing Program, an initiative to introduce meaningful art-based activities as part of care services. This Program has been running since 2019 in Bendigo Health Psychiatric Services, where it delivers art-based activities for inpatients of different units, including the ‘Older Persons Unit’. And at the moment, a new version of the program – based on delivering remote art activities to overcome Covid-19 lockdowns – is being developed in collaboration with Royal Freemasons Gregory Lodge. 

Creative practices are highly beneficial for mental and physical health, and the World Health Organisation recommends the incorporation of art programs in care services. However, implementing meaningful ‘arts in health’ programs is not easy. Designers, artists and health workers face operative and technical barriers when they try to bring the arts into clinical contexts. Moreover, as a result of lockdowns imposed to stop the spread of Covid-19 many art activities have been suspended. This talk will provide insights and ideas to overcome these barriers and lockdowns and develop creative practice programs for older adults living in aged care facilities or independently.

About the presenter

Juan Sanin is Lecturer in RMIT School of Design and Fellow in the Health Transformation Lab. His teaching, research and practice focuses on the collaborative design of everyday experiences that contribute to people's wellbeing. His design projects are run as ‘lo-fi design labs’: co-creative platforms based on the implementation of local knowledge, low-technologies, DIY and friendly hacking techniques to develop tactical solutions for wicked problems.

Further information: [email protected]

Watch the webinar recording

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