Big Data and Mapping Health Service Utilisation of Older People

Presenter: Dr Scott Fraser, NARI

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About the presentation

Every time we use a health or aged care service or purchase medications data about us is captured and stored. The problem though is that it is only ever part of the story with regards to the person and their health journey. Data linkage is a method of bringing information from different sources together about the same person or entity to create a new, richer dataset. The linkage of information from disparate information sources enables the construction of a map of health service utilisation and when used at a the macro level provide valuable information for policy and research into the health and wellbeing of the population. With regards to the ageing population there are two main linked datasets linking data from publically available administrative datasets developed by the Registry of Senior Australians  and the AIHW. This presentation will critically appraise the two datasets and compare the findings being established with regards to the Ageing pathway.

About the presenter

Dr Scott Fraser is a senior researcher at NARI currently involved in a diverse array of projects ranging from cultural aspects of care with regards to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander wellbeing, aged care workforce sustainability in remote communities and big data and data linkage. Prior to joining NARI Scott developed a diverse research and project and data management background in Advance Care Planning and laboratory science which has generated over 40 peer reviewed journal articles.

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Watch the webinar recording

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