Malnutrition Diagnosis and Intervention at Melbourne Health

Presenter: Bridget Agius & Meaghan Maher, Melbourne Health

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About the presentation

To promote 'Malnutrition Awareness Week (5th to 9th October 2020), the Clinical Nutrition team at Melbourne Health who are integral to the diagnosis of malnutrition and implementing nutrition plans will look at the types of malnutrition encountered at Melbourne Health; how malnutrition is diagnosed; and how the whole health care team fits into the treatment of Malnutrition.

About the presenter

Bridget has a Masters of Clinical Leadership, and has worked as dietitian for 10 years in the clinical, community and private setting. She is the Clinical Educator for the Nutrition Department, Senior Endocrinology Dietitian and CBORD NSS Super User. 

Meaghan has a Masters of Dietetics, and has worked as a dietitian for 9 years across various settings including residential aged care and disability sectors. She is also the Dietitian Team Leader of Aged Care and Rehabilitation at Royal Park and works between GEM and the [email protected] sub-acute program. 

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Watch the webinar recording

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