Homecare work: Time autonomy & time to care

Presenter: Professor Sara Charlesworth, RMIT University

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About the presentation

This presentation explores how Australian and New Zealand care markets, policy and regulation shape both the working conditions of home care workers and the conditions of care at the provider level. Taking a multi-scalar perspective, it draws on emerging findings from the Decent Work Good Care project, using data from three in-depth homecare case studies. The presentation focuses in particular on convergences and divergences in the national policy frameworks and organisational practices that structure home care worker control over working time and time to care.

About the presenter

Sara Charlesworth is Professor of Work, Gender & Regulation in the School of Management at RMIT University. She is an RMIT Distinguished Professor and Director of the Centre for People, Organisation & Work . Much of Sara’s recent research has focused on paid care work and the employment regulation that structures it. She was co-investigator on an ARC project ‘Markets, Migration and Care in Australia’, led by Emeritus Prof Deb Brennan (UNSW and is currently leading the ARC-funded ‘Decent Work & Good Care: International Approaches to Aged Care’ project. Sara is also is co-investigator on a Canadian Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council project  ‘Imagining Age–Friendly “Communities” within Communities: International Promising Practices’ led by Prof Tamara Daly (York).

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