Cognitive interventions for people with dementia: Theory and practice

Presenter: Dr Alex Bahar-Fuchs, AUPOA

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About the presentation

The talk will provide some background on cognitively-oriented treatments (COTs), and update on the evidence in relation to the main approaches, and an overview of emerging features and platforms. The talk will also examine some patient and clinician related barriers and enablers to implementation and treatment adherence.

About the presenter

Alex trained as a clinical neuropsychologist, and has been conducting research on cognitive ageing for the past 15 years, initially with a focus on assessment and early detection and later shifting to treatment development, evaluation and evidence synthesis. Together with Amit Lampit, he leads the CITE research group in the Department of Psychiatry, the University of Melbourne. He is passionate about dementia prevention and optimizing cognitive ageing, but when no one is watching, prefers to keep pretending that he can play the drums while listening to progressive rock

Further information: [email protected]

Watch the webinar recording

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