Every person living in residential aged care deserves quality care

Findings of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety highlighted serious failings in the care of our most vulnerable older people.

A donation to our aged care appeal will support vital aged care research programs that deliver tangible improvements to older people’s quality of life.

Improving pain detection and management

Pain is prevalent in aged care residents and often hard to detect. NARI's new pain detection toolkit will help aged care staff better detect and manage residents’ pain. Read more

Reducing depression and loneliness

Many people living in aged care experience symptoms of depression, anxiety and loneliness.
NARI's befriending research program provides social support for mental health. Read more

Introducing better continence care

Most people in residential aged care have continence care needs, which are often not met. NARI's new model of continence care will put the needs and dignity of residents at its centre. Read more

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