MARC People

Debra O'Connor

Debra O'Connor is MARC's Program Manager.

Dr Frances Batchelor

Project Manager

Dr Frances Batchelor is the MARC Research Manager.

Dr Anita Panayiotou

Research Fellow

Anita joined Melbourne Ageing Research Collaboration (MARC) as research fellow. Her role within MARC is to coordinate events and research projects. This has started with an End of Life Care Forum, and the coordination of the Dementia Stream Project to prevent avoidable hospital presentations for people living with dementia.

Sue Williams

Research Fellow

Sue is a member of the Melbourne Ageing Research Collaboration (MARC) team at NARI and is involved in many of the collaboration projects.

Natalie James

Research Assistant

Natalie is a research assistant at NARI where she is currently working on projects within the MARC Division. Her research interests include dementia, mental health and mental illness, residential and community aged care, and older people with disabilities.